Back with a vengeance

People have been asking for months, and I’m afraid we haven’t been ready to announce until now, but here it is: Sunday 4th September 2016 is the date to be in Milton Country Park so that Cambridgeshire Search and Rescue can make you all record-breakers!

In our first year we had about 400 joining the fun; then in 2015 it was well over 1000. At that rate we’ll definitely make the record-book this year – but only if you come along, of course.

The team learned a lot in the first two years of running the event and this one will be bigger and better than ever! It’s still not too late to get your feedback in and suggestions that we can try to incorporate, by dropping an email to

The usual slew of our emergency services friends can be expected, as well as other diversions, food and drink. The Park’s even great for Pokémon for those who(se kids) are into it – though best not during the games. Our favourite new four-legged trainee Shadow will be eagerly waiting to meet you!

So many of you have kindly offered to promote the event in your own circles – schools, Scout and Guide groups and so on – that it’s very hard to keep track of you all! Know that we love you for it, and if you want flyers delivered to you for passing on, please request them via!

In the meantime… book out the date and keep your eyes open for further updates!

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On Twitter: @CamSAR999 and use hashtag #WLHAS.